After 40 years, This VW Gets to Tell its Story

Abandoned Car

There is something eerily intriguing about an old abandoned car, the way it rests slowly rotting, a metamorphosis of it’s former self left to the devices of time. If the car could tell it’s story what would it say? Would it tell you who it’s owner was? Would it tell you how it ended up as a monument to history?

Unfortunately, many abandoned cars are all but forgotten, their stories are never told and they fade away little by little until they become nothing more than relics to a time that has passed us by.

Every now and then, an enthusiast will come along with just the right passion, resources and dedication required to rescue an abandoned car. These lucky cars are saved from a rusty demise and get a chance to tell their story.

The video below is the story of one such lucky VW Bus as told by Florian George in his YouTube video “RESURRECTION – Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan – Forest find!”