Soda Can Stove

There is nothing like camping to relax and enjoy nature in the great out doors. There is just something about sleeping under the stars or lounging around a campfire to relieve the stress of daily life. Camping is a wonderful break from the rat-race of the big city, a time when family and friends can gather together to enjoy some time in all that nature has to offer.

I try to get away at least 4 or 5 times a year to refresh. My camping trips are usually just quick, weekend trips to local public parks. However, the amount of gear and supplies for even a quick little camping get away seams to grow every year. Coolers for food and drink, tent, folding chairs, sleeping bag, air mattress etc. The list just continues to grow. One of the big items that has been on my list for a few years now is a portable BBQ grill. It may seam strange to some to take a grill camping, after all why can’t the food just be cooked over an open campfire?

Living in Texas, camping during the summer often means burn bans are in effect. Even with no burn bans in many parks it is illegal to collect firewood, which means bringing firewood from home or buying it from a local retailer. Even with firewood on hand and no burn bans to abide by often it is too hot for a campfire or you just need a quick way to cook a small meal without the time and effort to build a campfire.

Soda can stoves are small easy to carry, easy to use stoves that are perfect for camping when a campfire is not allowed or not appropriate. The stoves can be made from aluminum soda cans and have an opening in the top, just pour a little fuel in the opening and light. The fuel is vaporized and flames exit through little holes, creating a gas range-like effect.

Watch the video below or download these printable, soda can stove instructions to learn how to make one.