• DIY Color Chalkboard Paint

    Make Your Own Color Chalkboard Paint

    Chalkboard paint can turn just about any surface into a functional chalkboard. It can be used for creating reusable labels on jars, or to turn an old table into a

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  • The Instagram Song

    The Instagram Song

    This song was written from Twitter suggestions. Source

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  • Kitten and Dalmations

    This Kitten makes some new friends

    This 5-week-old foster kitten making new friends. Source

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  • Dog On Swing

    This Dog is a Swinger!

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  • Mater

    Mater from Cars gets real

    Have you ever wondered what your favorite cartoon characters would be like in real life? What if Bugs Bunny was a real talking rabbit or Donald Duck was a real

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  • Soda-Can-Stove

    Soda Can Stove

    There is nothing like camping to relax and enjoy nature in the great out doors. There is just something about sleeping under the stars or lounging around a campfire to

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  • Mikey Bolts

    Uptown Cartoon Funk

    Mikey Bolts parodies Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk in the voices from Family Guy, American Dad and more.

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  • Polar Bear

    GoPro: Polar Bears – The Quest for Sea Ice

    Amazing video, swimming with polar bears.

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